Scrum Extended Education

Scrum Extended Education in Serbia

Puzzle Software provides access to a variety of courses designed to foster the skills needed to succeed with Scrum and other Agile-related methods. We provide Scrum Extended Education in Serbia, but we are not limited to our borders. Our mission is to spread Scrum spirit and education to South East Europe Area. At the moment, Puzzle Software is in the process of registration for the SCRUM ALLIANCE® REP.

Registered Education Providers (REPs) are organizations authorized by the Scrum Alliance to provide Scrum and Agile-related training and courses. Those organizations are evaluated by SCRUM ALLIANCE® to ensure that they employ well-qualified instructors. All courses offered by REPs have been screened and verified by the SCRUM ALLIANCE® to make sure the material is consistent with Scrum and Agile principles.

Our mission as the SCRUM Education Provider:

“Constant improvement of Agile Product Development in South East Europe Area, especially in IT sectors.”

Scrum Extended Education Goals:

  • Providing quality Scrum Education to the IT sector in SEE Area
  • Creating an Agile IT Population in Serbia and the region
  • Adopting Scrum Agile methodology in a real business environment
  • Supporting Software Development life cycle

To Whom Scrum Extended Education is intended?

  • Already certified ScrumMasters and Product Owners
  • Team members in IT companies in the SEE Area
  • Individuals who are interested in Agile Software Development
  • Companies from different industries that have a well-developed IT sector and want to improve it to become more agile and successful

Duration of Scrum Extended Courses:

One or two working days, 09-17h.

Schedule and Agenda of our Scrum Extended Courses:

Next season of basic and advanced Scrum & Agile trainings will be during the Agile Month – May 2017.

Between the Agile Months, we continue with organizing on site Scrum trainings for particular companies, on request.

How it was on previous Scrum Extended trainings during the Agile Month – Nov 2015?

Photo albums with a short description and feedback about the trainings as the parts of Agile Month-Nov 2016 you can find on our Facebook page.