Scrum Agile Community in Serbia

Scrum Agile Community in Serbia

Scrum methodology has been a very popular topic among software companies all around the world in recent years. It has also become more attractive on the Serbian market. More and more companies send their employees to attend Scrum Courses in order to become Certified Scrum experts who are able to adopt Scrum methodology in their business and create an internal Scrum Community within their organization. There is only one goal – to achieve the highest level of company's business results.

Creating a business elite with the epithet "Agile Population" is a reality in Serbia, especially in the IT industry. We are passionate about creating a Scrum Community in Serbia – online, as well as offline. Our wish is to connect experts interested in Scrum.

Online Scrum Community in Serbia

We want to present you with our LinkedIn group of Scrum boosters as an online Scrum Community in Serbia, which connects certified Scrum experts. The purpose of this Scrum group, called "SCRUM - primena, edukacija i sertifikacija", is the exchange of ideas and experiences related to the implementation of the Scrum methodology and similar agile methods of product development in real business practice.

If you want to be a part of the agile environment in Serbia, please join our Scrum group "SCRUM - primena, edukacija i sertifikacija" and become a member of our online Scrum Community.

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Agile Gatherings & Scrum Workshops in Serbia

There are more and more certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners in Serbia, and even more software developers who are Scrum Team Members. Once they acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge related to agile product development, Scrum Master and Product Owner are responsible for the successful implementation of Scrum in company`s business.

In the past, your company was probably burdened with projects that are late and stakeholders who are not satisfied with the results, as well as with a low level of productivity and effectiveness, poor transparency and lack of team spirit.

At the moment when you have Scrum Masters and Product Owners in the teams, it is time for your business to enjoy the benefits of Scrum usage. But still you have lots of challenges and questions "How? When? What? ..." Agile Coach or some who has already passed the same process of Scrum implementation in its company may help you.

Puzzle Software, under the Agile Serbia, provides informal gatherings and workshops to individuals interested in Scrum in Belgrade, Serbia. The purpose is clear - to facilitate total adoption of the Scrum methodology. Next workshops are in the spring of 2016. More Info