CSM in Belgrade, Serbia - November 2017

Scrum Master Certification in SerbiaAgain, we are organizing Scrum Master Courses in November 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia. After the previous nine seasons of Scrum Master Certifications in last four years, many companies told us that they succeeded in increasing their productivity, customer satisfaction, project transparency and team spirit. So we decided to continue with spreading Scrum culture over the Balkans and to give possibility to all interested organizations to become agile. As always, Scrum Master Courses are led by a certified Scrum Trainer.

After you have finished CSM and the evaluation test you will become a Certified Scrum Master officially registered with the Scrum Alliance, which means you are officially capable of working as a part of Scrum team.

CSM Description

Scrum Master's role is often pivotal in the successful use of Scrum.

And it doesn't mean organizing meetings and ensuring that there's enough coffee in the team's kitchen. Anyone can do those. We are talking about the real responsibilities that require a master of Scrum - observing and providing feedback to the Development Team and PO, helping the Development Team jell, visualizing information in the system, being an organizational change agent, supporting the Development Team's self-organization, and so on.

In this course, we will set the foundations for a path towards that mastery. In these first steps, we will look at things like:

  • Experience the power of iterative and incremental learning
  • Deep-dive into the foundations behind Scrum and Agile
  • Explore Scrum's flow, roles and artefacts
  • Find out how to help a team jell and how the ScrumMaster role changes as the team matures
  • Study what makes user stories so powerful and useful
  • Try out Release Planning and learn how to help Product Owners successfully plan for future.

This course is great not just for Scrum Masters. Development Team members will find the information invaluable in their work within the team. Managers will get solid understanding on how the projects need to work and how to create an energizing workplace. People with little experience with Scrum will walk out with solid foundation for further learning. People with prior experience will get a great chance to reflect on their use of Scrum and Agile, and will add nuances to their understanding.

The trainer guarantees that there will be no PowerPoint slides. Instead, the course is full of exercises and group conversations. There will be plenty of opportunities for your questions.

By the end of the course you will...

  • get official Scrum Master certificate from Scrum Alliance
  • become part of the Scrum community
  • gain new tools for effective team communication
  • start improving delivery of a committed product in a supportive and productive work environment
  • know how to soberly and astutely take charge of change
  • foresee immediate improvements in your quality and almost certain improvements in customer satisfaction
  • have skills to help your team work seamlessly as a true team
  • know how to bring problems to the surface so you can fix them
  • deeply feel the power of working as an uninterrupted team
  • learn the satisfaction of being a servant leader

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CSM Agenda

Day 1:
  • Process improvement simulation
  • Foundations of Agile and Scrum
  • Scrum in detail
Day 2:
  • Team formation and changing Scrum Master role
  • Requirements as user stories
  • Release planning
  • Elective topics

The agenda is rough as it will be adjusted based on participant interests and the amount of questions.

CSM Course details

  • Certified Scrum Trainer: Petri Heiramo
  • Duration: 2 working days, from 9am to 5pm
  • Certification: YES
  • SEU points: 14 SEUs, Category B
  • Price: Early bird (until 30th October) - 790 €+ VAT. Regular price - 890€+ VAT.
    All payments should be made in RSD, at the higher selling rate of the Komercijalna bank effective on the date when the invoice was issued.
  • Date: 7-8 November 2017 (sold); 16-17 November 2017
  • Location: Zepter Hotel, Terazije St. #10, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Language during the course and certification: English language
  • More information:

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You can take a look in some of the photo galleries from the previous courses and get a bit impression how it was.