CSPO in Belgrade, Serbia - November, 2017

Scrum Product Owner Certification in SerbiaFor the 8th time, we are organizing the Certified Product Owner course in November 2017, in Belgrade, Serbia. After the previous Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master education and certifications during the years, many companies told us that they succeeded in increasing their productivity, customer satisfaction, project transparency and team spirit. Therefore, we have decided to continue with spreading Scrum culture over the Balkans and to give possibility to all interested organizations to become agile. As always, Scrum Product Owner Courses are led by a certified Scrum Trainer.
After you have finished with CSPO course, you will become a Certified Product Owner officially registered with the Scrum Alliance, which means you are capable of leading a Scrum team through a Product Backlog and communicate the product vision in an agile environment. This is an internationally recognized certificate.

CSPO Course Introduction

Product ownership is much more than user stories and prioritizing the work. It's about leading the product to create happy customers and find business success. It's an exploration, an ongoing search and discovery, and things will change. Scrum and Agile can give you effective means to translate your understanding of the changing environment into effective actions.

In this course, you will gain insights into the big and the small.

In the big, we will explore questions like:

  • Why to use Agile? When is Scrum the right approach? When should we use some other approach? Can I combine different approaches?
  • What am I expected of in the Product Owner role? How do I interact with the Development Team and the ScrumMaster, or with the stakeholders?
  • How do I plan for future? What kind of commitments are safe to make?
  • How do those commitments affect the work we do?

In the small, we will look at things like:

  • How can I effectively describe the things / features my clients and users want? How much detail is useful, and when?
  • How can I get the Development Team's feedback on risks, opportunities, effort and consequences of planned work?
  • What techniques can I use to elicit needs and value information from my stakeholders? How do I keep them informed of product progress?

What questions would you like to be discussed / answered? Sign up for the course and come - ask them! :)
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CSPO Agenda

Day 1 - 9th Nov 2017:
  • Product ownership simulation
  • Why Agile for project management and business?
  • Scrum fundamentals
Day 2 - 10th Nov 2017:
  • Requirements and product backlog
  • Release planning
  • Elective topics

The agenda is rough as it will be adjusted based on participant interests and the amount of questions.

CSPO Course details

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You can see how it was during the previous courses.