Agile Serbia Meet-Up

Visualization techniques in Agile Development

21st September 2017, in Niš, with Đorđe Babić

Agile Serbia Meet-Up in Niš was fantastic! For the first time, we were in that city, and to our great pleasure around 60 participants from the Serbian IT community decided to join us. We made sure our discussions were fresh and interesting for everyone. The topic of the meet-up was “Visualization techniques in Agile Development”. The discussion moderator was Đorđe Babić, Scrum Master from Puzzle Software.

At the beginning, Đorđe organized an interactive discussion by putting the participants into seven self-organized teams, where team members had a task to write some questions and subtopics that they want to discuss. The most attractive questions and the ones with the biggest score, on which all of the teams wanted to know the answers, were subtopics of the discussion.

Thanks to the great group and the moderator, we dove deeper into many interesting details about Agile and Scrum. The participants showed great interest in how Agile really works and how to improve collaboration between business and development. We are certain that we will be seeing you again very soon in Niš, since there are a lot more Agile topics to discuss.

Thank you for your attendance! 🙂

  • Topic of the meet-up: Visualization techniques in Agile Development
  • Target audience: Developers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Delivery Managers and anyone else involved in the software development processes
  • Method of delivery: Interactive discussion
  • Date: September 21st, 2017
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Đorđe Babić

The moderator of the discussion will be Đorđe Babić, an experienced Scrum Master certified by the Scrum Alliance. Đorđe is very passionate about forming teams, inter-team collaboration, and he firmly believes in iterative approach.


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