Agile Serbia Meet-Up

Theory OFF! Practice ON!

5th December 2017, in Belgrade, "Agile Experience" Meet-Up with Davor Čengija and Ivan Krnić

Agile Serbia has organized a meet-up in Belgrade, on the 5th of December 2017 in collaboration with colleagues from Croatia – Davor Čengija and Ivan Krnić. This was the second meet-up in the series of “Agile Experience” meet-ups, and the goal is to present practical Agile experience of different companies and organizations. We were pleased to see that more than 60 participants from the Serbian IT community decided to join us. The meet-up topic was “Theory OFF! Practice ON!”.

During this meet-up the focus was on real-life situations and practical examples. At the beginning, the moderators showed the simulation of the conversation between an Agile Coach and a Scrum Master and they showed participants a very interesting tool – Coaching Card. They also shared their knowledge on how to use it.

After the dialog and the Coaching Card presentation, moderators organized an interactive discussion. They told participants to devide  into five self-organized teams. Team members had a task to share their problems among themselves, then to pick one of all, and to simulate building a Coaching Card to solve it.

The moderators of the discussion was Davor Čengija and Ivan Krnić, our colleagues from Croatia. Davor is an engineer by the choice, and an Agile Coach helping others learn about Agile methodologies. Ivan is an expert in application development and technical advancement, helping organizations to work smarter.

Expect more “Agile Experience” meetups in the near future!

Thank you for attending! 🙂

Theory OFF! Practice ON!

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