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The 4 Dynamics of Agility that Every Scrum Master and Leader Should Know

10th of September 2019, in Belgrade

with Miljan Bajić


Agile Serbia organized the first MeetUp for the Autumn season 2019, with topic The 4 Dynamics of Agility that Every Scrum Master and Leader Should Know”. MeetUp was held on the 10th of September 2019. with Miljan Bajić in the role of moderator.

Miljan Bajić is an experienced Agile Coach and Agile consultant, with more than 15 years of experience all across USA. This time he shared his experiences regarding Agile transformation, about successes and failures, and main reasons for both.

One of the most impressive things about this case study is the scope and timing. The company reorganized 1200 employees within the IT department into 118 Scrum and Kanban Teams in just under 12 months. But that initiative didn’t fix their problems, it only exposed the underlying issues. It took almost another three years to start making impacts that they initially thought they would get by forming those 118 teams.

Based on the case study, with one of his clients, Miljan explained the pillars of Agility, and which 4 dynamics make transformation become successful or not: Mindset and Beliefs, Practices and Behavior, Architecture and Policies, Culture and Relationships. All four fundamental perspectives, from mind-set to behavior, and from culture to systems and structure define the needs of an organization in their way of transformations using Agile.

The MeetUp was more than just a lecture, it was a dynamic workshop with a lot of interaction with numerous participants and a lot of questions they asked, sharing their own experiences or asking for the advices.

You may expect a lot of great topics and meetings with Agile Serbia soon. Stay tuned! 😊


Miljan Bajić

Miljan Bajić is a coach, trainer, facilitator, and consultant. He helps companies collaboratively design organizational ecosystems that combine lean thinking and agile approaches to deliver maximum organizational effectiveness. Miljan is one of roughly 50 professionals in the world that hold both Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) from Scrum Alliance. Additionally, Miljan teaches Agile Leadership and Process Improvement at University of Southern Maine and Organizational Change at University of Southern New Hampshire. He’s a frequent speaker having participated in many international conferences and Agile events in Europe and USA.


+381 11 4034 282