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PreConference – Intro Agile Day

11th June 2019, in Madlenianum

PreConference Day was a special Agile education day, great introduction to the 4th Agile Serbia Conference. On the 11th of June, for the first time, Agile Serbia organized a whole-day session dedicated to introduction to Agile. More than 70 people gathered together to discuss one of the most innovative topic nowadays! Four and a half hours were not enough to discuss about everything they wanted to know.


This was a great opportunity for all those interested in basics of Agile frameworks to learn more about them. Also, more about Agile principles and values. Even more, to do that for free!

Moderator of the discussion was Miloš Zeković. He is an Agile Coach with more than 10 years of Agile experience in many different industries. During the four and a half hours long session he guided all attendees through the Agile and Scrum, through its theory and practice.

Whether they met Agile for the first time or they wanted to get deeper knowledge of it, participants had opportunity to learn about differences between Agile and traditional project management. Also, why it is so significant and important nowadays and why so many industries, even non-IT, rely on it. They came from software, telecommunications, business development, project management, entrepreneurship, marketing, HR…

While session was ongoing, attendees got opportinities to use MatchAbout application and to ask questions regarding topics they wanted to know more about. At the end, they discussed these questions with the moderator. Above all, it was a great Agile experience, which you can check in our gallery here.

For sure, this is not the end, if you are interested to know more on this topic, we are excited to meet you next time. So, feel free to follow or contact us and find out about our future events! 😊


See you next time! :)