Agile Serbia Workshop

Kanban Workshop in November 2017

17th November 2017, in Belgrade, with Petri Heiramo

Traditionally, in every Agile Month we organize one FREE Agile Workshop, with our Certified Scrum Trainer, Petri Heiramo. In this Agile Month November 2017, we organized for the first time free Kanban Workshop – “Kanban Board Exercise”. This was a great opportunity for all participants to improve their knowledge of Kanban, especially with this hands-on, engaging, and funny game.

The “Kanban Board Exercise” is a physical game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for Software Development in a workshop setting. We played the game in three teams (one team consisted of seven people). Teams competed to maximize profit by optimizing the work flow, throughout three cycles – design, development and testing. During the game, the teams constructed charts based on the game data. Throughout the game, there were simulated different challenges. The idea was to motivate them to explore the various options for system design, prioritisation, and resource allocation decisions.

Details about the Kanban Workshop:

  • Topic of the workshop: „Kanban Board Exercise
  • Target audience: Participants of the previous Scrum Master / Product Owner courses or our Scrum Advanced Trainings
  • Date and time: November 17th, 2017
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Petri Heiramo

Petri Heiramo

Petri Heiramo is an experienced Agile trainer and coach. Certified by Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Trainer in 2008, he has trained a few thousand people as CSMs and CSPOs, in organisations ranging from small companies and startups, to multinational giants worldwide.


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