Agile Serbia Meet-Up

Challenges and good practices to reach through the maturity of Scrum teams

23rd October 2017, in Belgrade, "Agile Experience" Meet-Up with Bojan Lepojević

Agile Serbia has organized a meet-up on the 23rd of October 2017 in collaboration with Endava. This was the first meet-up in the series of “Agile Experience” meet-ups, and the goal is to present practical experiences of different companies. We were pleased to see that more than 60 participants from the Serbian IT community decided to join us. The meet-up topic was “Challenges and good practices to reach through the maturity of Scrum teams”.

At the beginning, Bojan has gone through important questions concerning Agile methodologies, their implementation, and Agile teams. There were various discussions based on the different types of personalities that could be recognised in development teams, and any other teams in general. Such personalities are: nurturer, guardian, pioneer, creative and connector. Bojan also talked about the importance of transparency in teams – what happens when we have a lack of information; can poor communication among team members or team-mates lead to a low outcome quality and weaker team relations.

After the theoretical part, the discussion moderator shared his experience with the participants. The participants showed great interest to hear more about Agile implementation in practice. In the end, Bojan emphasized that all described models are seriously based on psychology and related sciences – behavior of the group, relationships within the group, types of personalities, etc.

Expect more “Agile Experience” meetups in the near future!

Thank you for attending! 🙂

  • Topic of the meet-up: Challenges and good practices to reach through the maturity of Scrum teams
  • Target audience: Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, Delivery Managers, Software Engineers
  • Method of delivery: Presentation and discussion
  • Date: October 23rd, 2017
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Bojan Lepojević

The discussion moderator was Bojan Lepojevic. Bojan is an Agile Lead coming from Endava. He has many years of experience in delivering software development projects in challenging and dynamic environments.


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