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AgilEast Magazine

The first edition of – AgilEast Magazine!


After 8 years of providing continuing Agile education all around the Balkan, we are more than proud to present to you the first edition of – AgilEast Magazine! We worked very hard on this exclusive project and we hope that you will like it!


The AgilEast Magazine is the first such magazine distributed throughout the local Agile community.  It is intended for local developers, business and startup scene, aiming to provide information about various perspectives of Agility and helpful ideas for achieving Agility during the transformation process.

The idea for this magazine was born by Agile Serbia, driven by a passion to share the best practices and real examples of Agile and Scrum implementation.

  • The mission of the magazine is to influence the minds that move the markets, inspire decisions and challenge the spirit of today’s leaders.
  • The ultimate goal of AgilEast Magazine is to inspire readers to go in good directions and choose wise decisions on their way to Agility, making a positive impact in their organizations and business environment.
  • The focus of the magazine is to show the benefits of Agile approach and how it shapes and creates positive changes on the market.

AgilEast Magazine covers a wide range of topics aimed at transforming your world of Agile theory and practice: Agile trends across various industries, successful stories, issues of diversity, challenges and solutions. It offers information and guidelines to professionals and beginners on their Agile journey.

It leads readers to deepen and better understand Agile and Scrum principles that guide them through changes and challenges, providing a forum of knowledge and ideas for all those who share the values of Agile.



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