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Kanban Workshop

Kanban Workshop in February 2018

Agile Serbia organized “Kanban Board Game” in collaboration with our well-known companions Zoran Vujkov and Miloš Zeković. This time, Kanban Workshop was organized on the 21st of February in Novi Sad, Serbia. For all participants, this was a great opportunity to improve their knowledge of Kanban.

Gasi teoriju. Pali praksu.

Theory OFF! Practice ON!

The second meet-up in the series of “Agile Experience” meet-ups is going to be organized on the 5th of December, in Belgrade. This time, Agile Serbia is organizing this meet-up in collaboration with colleagues from Croatia – Davor Čengija and Ivan Krnić. The topic is “Theory OFF! Practice ON!”

Kanban workshop November 2017

Kanban Workshop in November 2017

In Agile Month November 2017, we are going to organize “Kanban Board Exercise”. It is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge of Kanban, especially because this is a hands-on, engaging, and funny game. Moderator: Petri Heiramo, CST

Visualization techniques in Agile Development

Agile Serbia meet-up in September 2017 – for the 1st time in Niš! The topic of the meet-up was “Visualization techniques in Agile Development”. The discussion moderator was Đorđe Babić, Scrum Master from Puzzle Software.

Agile Workshop in May 2017

We are announcing another FREE Scrum Workshop in May 2017. Our Certified Scrum Trainer - Petri Heiramo is coming again in Belgrade, so this is the great opportunity to spend some extra time with him and improve your knowledge about Agile Software Development!

Agile approach – my organization is unique

During the first part of the meet-up, participants had a chance to listen and talk to our Agile Coach – Zoran Vujkov. The second part of the discussion was moderated by Bojan Milutinovic, who is a Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Kanban Professional.

Agile4it - How to achieve customer satisfaction & employee commitment?

For the first time we organized a meet-up and gather up the Agile community in Novi Sad. The goal was to encourage a discussion about the challenges in the software development. The discussion was moderated by our Agile Coach, Zoran Vujkov.

Scrum Workshop in November 2016

For those who want to improve their knowledge about Agile Software Development, Puzzle Software organized an interactive Scrum workshop in autumn 2016 with our Certified Scrum Trainer – Petri Heiramo.

Are You Agile Enough?

This is the fifth gathering we organized with our Agile Coach - Zoran Vujkov, and the 8th Meet-Up of the Agile Serbia Community. In the past we had organized different Agile workshops, but this time it was a live discussion, answering the question - Are You Agile Enough?


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