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Scrum Master Practices & Techniques

Continue your Scrum education and get the most out of its implementation with Zoran Vujkov

You are a certified Scrum Master with some experience, and you wonder where you can learn a few tips and tricks that could help you to become a better servant-leader for your Scrum team? This Advanced Scrum Master Practices and Techniques Training discusses few Scrum anti-patterns, pitfalls and tips/tricks how to address them.

Target Audience:

Primarily Scrum Masters, but also Development team, and Product Owners who are very familiar with Scrum framework and have been using Scrum framework for some time.


  • Scrum framework

You will be reminded of key Scrum rules, characteristics, principles and values.

  • A Few Scrum Anti-patterns

For some companies difficulties with Scrum arise with their expectations that Scrum is a silver bullet, or a cookbook with solutions for all their problems. Unfortunately, some companies try to add additional practices to the Scrum framework that are very much Scrum/Agile anti-patterns and pitfalls. You will learn how to address these symptoms (test sprint, changes during a sprint, no DoD, random size sprints…) and prevent Scrum being corrupted and twisted.

  • Tips and tricks regarding Product backlog

You will learn what grooming the Product Backlog is, when to groom the Product Backlog, how to handle technical work, how to write Product Backlog items of the right size and with the right amount of details.

  • Tips and tricks regarding sprinting

You will learn about the top five reasons teams don’t deliver everything in a Sprint, what to do if a team can’t have anything potentially shippable by the end of a Sprint, how to avoid leaving unfinished work at the end of a Sprint, how to handle firefighting during a Sprint.

  • Tips and tricks regarding estimating and planning

You will learn why and when to estimate the Product Backlog items, how to overcome a fear of estimating, and how to enforce the rule of claiming credit only for what is completely done.

  • Tips and tricks regarding managing stakeholders

You will learn how to manage stakeholders expectations, how to handle early requests to lock down scope, schedule and budget, how to move away from written documentation.

  • Tips and tricks regarding culture

You will learn how to prevent team burnout from sprinting, how to managing risk on Scrum projects, understand how Project Managers fit into Scrum, how to reward a team for a job well done.

  • Tips and tricks regarding teamwork

You will learn how to convince team members to work outside their roles, how to leave time for testing during a Sprint, how to add automation when little or none exists, how to deal with overly busy Product Owner, how to fit UX design into Scrum, learn how to choose PO for different types of product development.

  • Tips and tricks regarding problems during meetings

You will learn how to save time during Sprint planning, how to avoid over commitment during Sprint planning, how to have an effective Daily Scrum and how to conduct a review when not everything is demonstrable.

  • Q&As

Details about next public Scrum Master Practices & Techniques training

As the all available trainings by Agile Serbia & Puzzle Software, Scrum Master Practices and Techniques Training is organized on scheduled date, or can be organized on request (on-site) where the Company is the host.

What the participants said about Scrum Master Practices and Techniques Training

“I liked the training, all the themes were thoroughly thought through. I really liked the higher level of training, than the basic Agile, i.e. it explored the problems in depth and the basic problems that the normal team and Scrum Master encounter and everyday activities, with all the evil roles of the Product Owner through to the Project Manager with whom they have to co-operate.”

(Veljko Maksimović, Project Coodinator, Endava)

How it was on the previous Scrum Master Practices and Techniques trainings?

The training can be organized on-site (in your company), tailored to companies needs. Choose the date and send us your request!

Zoran Vujkov

Zoran Vujkov is an experienced Agile Coach since 2008, and Certified Scrum Professional, certified by the Scum Alliance. He is also Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, SAFe Practitioner, and PRINCE2 Practitioner. He has 20+ years experience in the Software industry working for big companies like Barclays Bank, SonyEricsson, Promethean, Schneider DMS, United Cloud, Philip Morris International.


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