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Introduction to the Scrum Framework

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Collaboration among all team members and stakeholders is required to achieve business success. For good collaboration, communication is the key factor – so, let’s all talk the same language! Let’s introduce the simplest “language” in Software Development world – Scrum framework. Clients want it, developers enjoy working according to it, and business needs to respond to changes fast – why don’t you start with Scrum today?


What is the value training will provide for your team?

Introduction to Scrum Framework training is highly recommended for software engineers, also business people who are involved in software development lifecycle. Regardless of whether you are a member of a development or a business team, everyone should know the Scrum basics, the most common Agile framework in the world.

This training provides an interactive introduction to Scrum, including a deep understanding of each Scrum team member’s responsibilities. Furthermore how Scrum fosters the growth of organizations, teams, products, and individuals. You can apply with Scrum on your projects, manage a Product Backlog or successfully drive during the implementation of Scrum within your team and company.


Who is this training tailored for?

Introduction to the Scrum Framework Training is the right choice for everyone who want to learn about Scrum framework or to remind themselves to its foundations. Training is also for everyone who want to start with Scrum implementation and its adoption within their company. Above all software engineers and business people in charge in software development lifecycle will also have strong benefits.


What is training about?

Introduction to Scrum is an on-site training that helps in the intent to implement Scrum framework, learning you about good practice. Since this is an introduction-level course there is no any requirements, such as assumed knowledge in Scrum or agile principle. The focus of training in on software product delivery, matching the intent of Scrum itself and its practical implementation.


Brief Introduction:

  • Agile approach vs. Waterfall
  • Scrum Elements & Characteristics
  • Scrum Roles
  • Sprint Planning
  • Scrum Artefacts
  • Exercises and Q&A’s


Training Takeaways:

  1. Short explanation Agile vs. Traditional approach;
  2. Introduction of Scrum Elements and Characteristics that are important for understanding benefits of using Scrum;
  3. Explanation in detail of Scrum Roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner and Scrum Team);
  4. Detail explanation of Scrum ceremonies with discussion on characteristics of sprint planning, sprint review, sprint retrospective and daily scrum meeting;
  5. Explanation of Scrum artefacts such as Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Burndown Charts. Additionally, training discuss terms Definition of Done and Definition of Ready;
  6. Various exercises to practice Scrum during the course.


Details about Introduction to the Scrum Framework Training:

As the all available trainings by Agile Serbia & Puzzle Software, Introduction to the Scrum Framework Training can be organized on request (on-site) where the Company is the host.

Note: SEUs are structured on a point system, and SEU is based on a 1:1 ratio of contact hours to points. Full day of training is equivalent to 8 SEUs. You are required to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs) by completing educational training or learning opportunities as a validation of your continued proficiency and because of your future certification.

The training can be organized on-site (in your company), tailored to companies needs. Choose the date and send us your request!

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