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Delivering Value with Agile

Continuing Agile Education

Delivering Value with Agile Training is a two-day training where you will learn how to apply agile throughout organization to improve organizational agility. Also, you will learn how to apply agile practices to develop the right product, deliver faster with better quality, as well as how to become a happy high-performing team! On this training you will experience Agile practices that you can apply in your teams, as well as methods on how your organization can become more Agile!

If your organization and team are doing an Agile transformation but not seeing the expected benefits; having difficulties communicating and working together as a self-organized team and having difficulties to adjust themselves to short delivery times, then this training is for you!

Target Audience:

Delivering value with Agile training is for Agile and Lean Coaches, Technical Leads, furthermore Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers. Likewise for everyone else who is supporting teams in agile transformations.


The agenda is preliminary and therefore will be adjusted based on the interest of the participants.

Day 1 – Making Agile Work for You

  • Introduction, discussion on what you consider a value,
  • Communicating with customers and defining user stories/backlog – set up a task board,
  • Effective collaboration/teamwork – attendees will divide in teams to create a product,
  • Getting customer feedback – teams will demonstrate their product,
  • Inspect and adapt – teams will do a retrospective,
  • Dealing with impediments – play the impediment game.

Day 2 – Improving Organizational Agility

  • Agile mindset: values and principles, exercise to find out which ones are most important,
  • Safety and trust – retrospective exercise to explore and improve this area,
  • How agile are you – play the agile self-assessment game,
  • Driving change in organizations: discussion of good practices,
  • Agile journey: attendees define their takeaways and make a short plan for their agile journey.


By the end of this Training you will…

  • Practice working with Agile: due to planning, daily stand-ups, product reviews and retrospectives,
  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication with stakeholders to deliver more value,
  • Find out how to deal effectively with impediments to take control, therefore truly become self-organized,
  • Learn tips and tricks to improve your agile way of working,
  • Get advice on selecting and applying Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean) practices effectively for you,
  • Practice how to assess your agility with Agile Self-assessments to find out how well you are doing,
  • Learn effective ways to travel your agile journey and even more find out what you need to do this,
  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders and certainly break down barriers,
  • Learn tips and tricks to expand and scale an agile way of working throughout the organization.

Details about Delivering value with Agile training:

Just like all other trainings that are organized by Agile Serbia & Puzzle Software, Delivering Value with Agile Training is organized on scheduled date or can be organized on request where the Company is a host.

The training can be organized on-site (in your company), tailored to companies needs. Choose the date and send us your request!

Ben Linders

Ben has more than 15 years’ experience as an adviser, coach and trainer. He is an author of three books: Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, What Drives Quality and Continuous Improvement. Also, he is a creator of the Agile Self-assessment Game.


+381 11 4034 282