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Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended with Petri Heiramo

CSM certification – 3 days by the Scrum Alliance with Petri Heiramo

Certified Scrum Master Course usually lasts for two days and according to participants’ feedback, it is jam-packed with a lot of information and new ideas. Yet, there are still so many topics and our participants consistently wish one more day for this course. Therefore, in Agile Month – April 2018 we organized Certified Scrum Master Course in 2-day, and for the first time, we organized a 3-day Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended. 🙂


What is course about?

Scrum Master, in the Scrum Team, is responsible to enable team to understand Scrum, also all processes take place according to its principles and rules. During this course you will learn how to help your development team to properly use Scrum.


What can you learn?

The agenda is preliminary and will be adjusted based on the interest of the participants.

Day 1
  • Process improvement simulation
  • Foundations of Agile and Scrum
  • Complexity and dealing with uncertainty
  • Scrum overview
Day 2
  • Scrum simulation, with scaling
  • Scrum Master role in details
  • Real-life scenarios from, well, your real life
Day 3
  • Team formation
  • Running interesting retrospectives
  • Elective topics



By the end of the course you will…

  • receive an official Scrum Master certificate from the Scrum Alliance;
  • become a part of the Scrum community in Serbia and CEE region;
  • master new tools for effective team communication;
  • start improving delivery of an authorized product in a supportive and productive work environment;
  • know how to consciously take charge of change;
  • foresee immediate improvements in your quality and almost certain improvements in customers satisfaction;
  • develop skills to help your team work seamlessly as a true team;
  • know how to bring problems to the surface, so you can fix them;
  • deeply feel the power of working as an uninterrupted team;
  • learn to feel the satisfaction of being a servant-leader;
  • learn to moderate Scrum simulation using Legos;
  • deeply look at retrospectives, also plan together some retrospectives that you could run at your workplace.


Target audience:

Maybe you are
… a Scrum Master without certification;
… a member of the Development Team who is trying to improve information flow and work of his team;
… a Manager who is wondering how project development processes should flow, also how to create an energizing workplace;
… a person with little experience in Scrum, interested in learning more.


What is your personal and professional gain?

On the Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended we are covering more topics. During the course, participants will have an opportunity to influence some of the topics that will be cover. Participants will obtain more space for reflection and thinking. ”How does this apply to me? What could I do differently in the future?” Also, there will be more games and exercises.

To prepare for the course, you will receive materials to guide you. Furthermore, on the course, the additional handouts will be provided. During the course, all the necessary theory will be covered. In addition to that real-life events and difficulties that teams encounter will be talked about.


Details about next public Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended:

Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended will be organized on a scheduled date, or we can organize on-site course on your request.

  • Duration: 3 working days, from 9am to 5pm
  • Certification: Yes
  • SEU points: up to 24 SEUs, Category B

What the participants said about Scrum Master Course – Extended:

“The whole CSM course – Extended was phenomenal! In addition to the theoretical explanations, we tried out all the Scrum situations through real life simulations in the form of games and through business situations that we encounter. In addition to the previous, to me it is very useful that the Scrum trainer answered and helped us resolve all the issues and obstacles that we faced.”
(Zoran Bunčić, Scrum Master, The Hub Exchange)


See how it was at the previous Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended in April, 2018 in our Facebook album.

The course can be organized on-site (in your company), tailored to companies needs. Choose the date and send us your request!
Petri Heiramo

Petri Heiramo

Petri Heiramo is an experienced Agile trainer and coach. Certified by the Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Trainer in 2008, he has trained a few thousand people as CSMs and CSPOs, in organisations ranging from small companies and start-ups, to multinational giants worldwide.


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