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Agile Planning & Estimating

Continuing Agile Education

You are a member of Scrum team that has a challenge with planning and you don’t understand a purpose of estimating?

“Agile Planning & Estimating” is a one-day training that provides an elaboration of Agile Planning and Estimating principles, practices and techniques, why to estimate and how to plan. It is highly recommended to attend it along with the “Agile Requirements & User Stories” training. The content of the two courses is highly related and the participants will obtain more knowledge if they attend both courses.

For this training, it is necessary for a participant to have previous knowledge of User Stories and the Definition of Done.


Target Audience:

Primarily Product Owners and Scrum Masters, as well as members of Development team, who are very familiar with Scrum framework and have been using Scrum framework for some time.



  • Agile Planning

You will learn what is Agile approach to planning and what are characteristics of Agile planning. You will learn about different levels of Agile planning (Release Plan, Sprint Plan and Daily Plan).

  • Story Points

You will be introduced with term of Story point, what are main characteristics of Story points, why to use Story point and how they are different compared to ideal days. You will learn what relative estimation is and how is it different compared to absolute estimation.

  • Relative Sizing Exercise

During this module, Relative Sizing is practiced through an exercise.

  • Techniques for Estimating

You will learn several techniques for Agile Estimating, such as Estimates by Analogy, Disaggregation and Planning Poker. Three levels of planning are introduced (release plan, iteration plan and daily plan).

  • Agile estimating

You will learn when to estimate and why. You will learn why estimation is hard, when to re-estimate and what is a difference between estimation and commitment.

  • Sprint planning

You will learn about two techniques for sprint planning: Velocity-driven and Commitment-driven Iteration.

  • Team’s velocity

You will learn about the term “Team’s Velocity” and how to forecast team’s velocity when you have a team with historical data or when your team is new to Agile.

  • Release planning

You will learn how to do Release Planning with historical team’s velocity. You will learn how to predict release contents with fixed date, fixed scope or fixed price plans.

  • Q&As


Details about Agile Planning & Estimating Training:

As the all available trainings by Agile Serbia & Puzzle Software, Agile Planning & Estimating Training is organized on scheduled date, or can be organized on request (on-site) where the Company is the host.

How it was on Agile Planning & Estimating previous trainings?

The training can be organized on-site (in your company), tailored to companies needs. Choose the date and send us your request!

Zoran Vujkov

Zoran Vujkov is an experienced Agile Coach since 2008, and Certified Scrum Professional, certified by the Scum Alliance. He is also Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, SAFe Practitioner, and PRINCE2 Practitioner. He has 20+ years experience in the Software industry working for big companies like Barclays Bank, SonyEricsson, Promethean, Schneider DMS, United Cloud, Philip Morris International.


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