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Continuing Agile Education

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Expand your knowledge in the field of Agile Development! Agile Serbia offers you the best Continuing Agile Education in Serbia and the region. We provide a variety of trainings designed to foster the skills needed to succeed with Scrum and other Agile frameworks and methodologies.

Continuing Agile Education is intended for all companies that strive to improve their development processes and to become more agile, for already certified Scrum Masters and Product Owners who wish to expand their knowledge, and for all individuals who are interested in Agile development.

Next season of Continuing and Advanced Agile trainings will be during the Agile Month – November 2017. Of course, beside the Agile Months (see the schedule), we continue with organizing on-site Agile and Scrum trainings, on request.

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Agile Trainings

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Introduction to Agile Approach

Introduction to the Agile Approach

Training gives the answers what is Agile approach, what does it mean to be Agile, what are Agile values, principles and mindset, what are differences between Agile approach and Traditional (Waterfall) model, what are the most common Agile frameworks and techniques (Scrum, Kanban, User Stories). Introduction to Agile Approach Training is the right choice for to learn about Scrum framework. This training can be organized on-site on your request.

Introduction to Scrum Framework

Introduction to the Scrum Framework

Collaboration among all team members and stakeholders is required to achieve business success. For good collaboration, communication is the key factor – so, let’s all talk the same language! Let’s introduce the simplest “language” in Software Development world – Scrum framework. Introduction to Scrum Framework Training is the right choice for to learn about Scrum framework. This training can be organized on-site on your request.

Scrum Master Practices and Techniques

Scrum Master Practices & Techniques

You are a certified Scrum Master with some experience, and you wonder where you can learn a few tips and tricks that could help you to become a better servant-leader for your Scrum team? This Advanced Scrum Master Course discusses few Scrum anti-patterns, pitfalls and tips/tricks how to address them. If you want to master these practices, take your place in the next Scrum Master Practices & Techniques training scheduled for November 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia, or we can organize on-site training on your request.


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