Agile Training

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To be Agile as an organization, you need to learn continuously and to improve Agile approach over time to achieve all your business goals. Steady and continuous development is key for Agile success, immersing in a skills and competences or gaining knowledge, new perspectives for further development.

Agile Training serves to expand your knowledge in the field of Agile Development. There are multiply opportunities for continuous Agile education covering various Agile topics and techniques. Training are designed to foster the skills needed to succeed with Scrum and other Agile frameworks and approaches.

Also, Training provides organizations with a step-by-step guide to a better way to achieve the goals, to support their Agile teams improving organization. This kind of Agile education is intended for all companies, teams and individuals that strive to improve their efficiency and to become more Agile.

All Training can be organized public or on-site, tailored to your needs, on request. Check our list and choose the best options to in-depth your Agile skills! 😊

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Design Sprint

Design Sprint Training - A Way To Solve Critical Problems

Design Sprint is the essential tools that helps people solve critical business problems in product design phase, made popular by Google Venture. This framework is an important approach to innovation and quickly developing new products and services that customers want. Attendees of this training will go through examples from real sprints, anticipating real problems that you might face in utilizing Design Sprint in your organization.