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Zoran Vujkov

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Zoran Vujkov is an experienced Agile Coach since 2008 and Certified Scrum Professional, certified by the Scum Alliance. He successfully led Agile Transformations in a couple of international companies, from traditional waterfall methods of software development to Agile frameworks (SCRUM, Kanban, XP, Scaled Agile Framework-SAFe). He has trained and coached hundreds of teams as Scrum/XP teams, in companies ranging from medium companies (SonyEricsson, Promethean) to multinational big worldwide companies (Barclays Bank, Schneider Electric DMS). These teams successfully delivered flagship products: Walkman®/Cybershot® phone app, ActivInspire®, Barclays Mobile Banking App, ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System).

Zoran’s very good understanding of Software development is based on 19 years experience in the Software industry working for different companies as Software Engineer, Team Leader, Technical Leader, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach.

Zoran strongly believes in Agile Enterprise for company to succeed. It is not enough to embed agile only into development, it is important for Agile to be part of company culture and that all parts of company embrace Agile mindset and share the same vision. Reducing dependencies in the way how product backlog is structured, reducing dependencies between team members in terms of domain and technical knowledge, and reducing dependencies within software by removing technical debt is critical to successful scaling Agile.

Zoran likes different Agile frameworks (SCRUM, XP, KanBan), but it is always open-minded towards new Agile ideas. Most Agile frameworks, in particular Scrum, are lightweight, easy to understand, but mastery comes with successful implementation. Scrum framework similar like other frameworks, if used properly, can work, and the real deal is to understand the organisation’s needs and find the right approaches to it.

Zoran gets great reviews and feedback from the people participating in his trainings. He has very interactive and inspiring style, lot of real life examples from implementing Agile in big companies and it is able to handle challenges and questions asked.


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