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Dr Wolfgang Richter

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Dr. Wolfgang Richter has been working in IT more than 20 years in different roles. He started his career in 3rd level support. His agile journey started in 1998. He participated in many projects as requirements engineer, software engineer, project manager, program manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner. In line-management he held positions in middle and upper management. His professional career led him from Europe to the USA, to Australia, and then back to Europe.

Currently he is the CEO of JIPP.IT in Austria, and besides his management position active as Agile Coach and Trainer. As a speaker, he has attended to many conferences and universities worldwide. He is moderator of the Scrum User Group Graz, member of the IT Community Styria, and several other committees. He knows the world of traditional and agile methods inside-out, holds multiple certificates to these areas, and has written a PhD thesis about this topic. He is engaged in further development of agile methods. His academic education comprises project management, informatics, economics, and psychology.

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