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Why is Scrum revolutionary and large-scale process?

Petri Heiramo shared his experiences regarding understanding Scrum, since he has been involved in a wide variety of projects and, as a result, he has seen the positive effects of Scrum on the human side of software development.

A transformational change at IBM

This is the true story of a successful Agile change initiative, IBM transformation, with their way of success; describes what was done, why, and explicitly how.

The life according to Agile - meeting the Agile Serbia

IT companies are leaders in Agile implementation. The pioneer in this field within SEE region is Puzzle Software and its brand Agile Serbia.

Hiring for agile - Why HR department plays a huge role in the success of agile transformation

Hiring people who are able to thrive in such an environment can significantly influence the success of agile adoption in your company. If employees do not get agile, the business will most definitely not be agile.

Domain Knowledge as a Catalyst in Distributed Teams

There are a few enablers we gained experience with, such as "Domain Knowledge as a Catalyst", "Skills instead of Roles"and "Communication Promises , yes, but…!" In this blog focus is on the role of Domain Knowledge as an enabler in distributed teams.

Scrum Master - The person who brings team together

When we talk about Scrum team and the way it works, we usually focus on the framework, meetings and the flow. Rarely are we focused on energy and communication between the people, missing out a huge part of our possibility to succeed.