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Modern Sensei: Evolution of a leader

Let's be honest: who or what is a leader for you? The truth is this: defining a leader and his qualities have evolved over the past centuries. Modern technologies and various trends in leading different groups of people, projects and countries are constantly changing.

Scrum Master & Product Owner: Friends or foes? (Part 4)

Pessimists say that there’s a thin line between love and hate. But this is only generally speaking. From the others - optimistic and realistic side, after decades of talking and arguing why collaboration between Product Owner and Scrum Master is essential.

Scrum Master & Product Owner: Friends or foes? (Part 2)

Product Owner and Scrum Master are two rock stars designed to work together besides their different duties. It's always good to remember that they need each other, not excluding their mutual knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Reasons why Companies should invest in Employees’ Education. Right now!

Do you know for this equation: Happy employees = Productive employees? And this is quite right. Actually, 7 of 10 people say that training and development opportunities influence their decision to stay with a company.

What’s the relation between Product Backlog and Iceberg?

Having an iceberg-shaped product backlog should be a goal for any agile team. If you structure your backlog to have small, ready-to-develop items near the top and larger items with less clarity below you’ll find your team spending less time overall in product backlog refinement.

The Essence of Online Education: Why is it so important?

Since the last decade online education has become available to everyone – both teachers and people who highly appreciate this moment. In fact, did you know that online courses can be effective and engaging, just like traditional classrooms?

Can a Scrum Master be an effective leader when working remotely?

In sense of working remotely and role of a Scrum Master, there’s a dilemma: on one hand, one company has a flexible work policy that includes giving employees an opportunity to work from home, and on the other hand, most of our agile teams are primarily collocated, thus making the absence of a Scrum Master onsite noticeable.

Scrum Master: Full-time job or not?

Is the Scrum Master a full-time position or not? Let's take a closer look at these facts and see some quality details about this question.