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Model Sensei: Final conclusions

We reached the last segment of our destination called Modern Sensei: Leadership. But, basically, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning of one amazing (very often challenging) adventure.

Modern Sensei: Leader vs. Manager

Well, it's not a secret that the leader is a true Modern Sensei. By all means. Observing the whole picture about their personality, behavior and vision, we should respect because of their energy and will to make everything around them better.

10 frequent mistakes that Scrum Masters make

Being an amazing Scrum Master is a quite challenging and engaging expedition. Everyday meetings and communication with the Development team and Product Owner require so many skills and a sense of helping others.

Modern Sensei: Leadership qualities

Leadership is always trendy. We're sure that you heard that great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths. And that's the fact.

Product Owner: Advanced Superhero at your service

Product Owner is a truly modern Sensei – he is a person who knows why a particular product should exist, how it should be made, and how to make that product grow to its maximum.

Modern Sensei: Leadership principles

One is sure – leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection. There are so many leadership principles, and yes – they’re all vital for success.

10 frequent mistakes that Product Owners make

We all agree in one – being an efficient Product Owner isn't a simple thing. Especially in crisis. Maybe the lack of an Agile mindset, lack of authority to decide or something third, Product Owners are human beings and yes – they're making mistakes.

Modern Sensei: Who is a leader?

Drastic times are calling drastic measures or people. These persons are agents of change. And no – this isn't a phrase. It's a fact. Leaders are creative visionary.