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Five Reasons why Agi would be a great Scrum Master

For many years we’ve been meeting so many different people ready to accomplish their private and professional goals. But, what if we say that someone can be a perfect inspiration for the most popular Agile roles: Scrum Masters and Product Owners?

Agile Manifesto: What has happened in the last 20 years? (Part 2)

We had a great chit-chat with co-creators of Agile Manifesto. Enjoy reading!

10 qualities of an amazing teammate

Great teams are built with great teammates, right? But what really grew these relationships was learning about a coworker’s interests and skills beyond the mundanities of work.

Agile Manifesto: What has happened in the last 20 years?

The context for an Agile Mindset has changed a lot. Really a lot. We can distinguish the development of Agile in the past, then how it really works in present after defining of Agile Manifesto and what are predictions for the future.

Seven Tips on how to get your first job as a Scrum Master

Being a Scrum Master can be a fun, exciting and very rewarding career. But, how do you get the first job as a Scrum Master if you don’t yet have experience?

Agile New Year's Resolutions

There is no one size fits all for creating a better ‘you’ in the New year. You are in the driver’s seat. Keep the primary objectives in mind, use and adapt these four Agile concepts to fit you and your work. That is the whole point of Agile!

„We are the champions, my friends...“ What do you think?

Agile Serbia team put lot of effort to finish all projects on time and at the same time fulfill clients' wishes and needs about education. Let's agree on one: Online is the new normality.