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Am I the Right Person for Scrum Master Role

Am I the right person for the Scrum Master role?

Scrum Master is one of the roles defined in Scrum Framework, which says that one Scrum team consists of a Product Owner, Development Team and a Scrum Master. In a nutshell, the Scrum Master is responsible for the Scrum team living the Scrum values and principles. But what does that really mean?

The Product Owner Role in a Scrum Team

The Product Owner Role in Scrum Team

The ideal Scrum team consists of 6-8 members, one of whom is a Product Owner, the other is a Scrum Master and there is a development team – a group of specialists in various fields. The Product Owner aims to maximize the value of a product/service that Scrum team develops.

The Career Path of a Scrum Master

The Career Path of a Scrum Master

Mike Cohn wrote a great blog post - The Career Path of a Scrum Master. From his experience, a Scrum Master’s career will usually evolve in one of four directions.

Product Owner as a Product Master

The key piece of a big puzzle - Product Owner as a Product Master

Transitioning to an Agile approach in product development brings a set of new rules, as well as roles and concepts, and the building of a new culture. One of the most important roles within this process is the Product Owner. What a juggler and a wizard this person should be!

Six Things Your Team Wants from You as Their Scrum Master

Six Things Your Team Wants from You as Their Scrum Master

If you’re a Scrum Master, what your team wants from you? There’s nothing secret, magical or mystical to being a great Scrum Master.

The journey of Scrum Master – diving into the practice

What does a Scrum Master actually do? How does their workday look like? Also, does their daily routine change as they engage with more teams? What beyond Scrum Master? So many interesting questions and useful answers. Let's take a look at the journey of Scrum Master.

Walking through the Gathering - Behind the scenes of the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020

Agile Serbia is organizer of the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020, and Belgrade will be honored to host this great Agile event. Find out here quick facts about many surprises that waits for you this June!

Importance of Scrum Certification or Scrum training

The Scrum Certification serves to prove the credentials of the skills in Scrum terminology, practices, and principles. Scrum certification is a course where attendees are groomed to become self-motivated and become keen to accept greater responsibility. Being rewarded with internationally recognized Certificate.

Product Owner And Product Manager - Brothers In Arms

Many words have been spoken about the role of Product Owner, but still there is a question – to what extent is similar comparing to Product Manager role? This blog post gives the answers what are the connections, beside the word product.


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