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Agile Leadership - It's a Journey

Agile Leadership – It’s A Journey!

Agile Leadership is like a product: It grows incrementally and it is deployed continuously as you work with your people. What your organisation does and how they do it – that is all that matters, and that should influence your choices as a leader.

Scrum Alliance - Special Sponsor of the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference!

We are proud to say that the Scrum Alliance has the role of the Special Sponsor on the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference, for the second time in a row. Followed by the previously mentioned mission, we are doing our best in spreading knowledge and awareness of Scrum and Agile. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 8 SEUs with your attendance on the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference!

Keeping Pace With A Complex World – Intro To SAFe

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an Agile framework, used to govern planning, execution and delivery by scaling Lean and Agile practices at enterprise scale. SAFe synchronizes alignment, collaboration and delivery for large number of teams required to build system-level solutions.


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