10th Agile Month

Agile Month – Spring 2020

The Agile Month manifestation reached its 10th edition upcoming spring! Same as previous seasons during three months you will be provided the best Agile education and training, certified courses and free education through the MeetUps and workshops. Welcome to Agile Month Spring 2020!

Just at the beginning of the Agile Month, we prepared an amazing opportunity for all Certified Scrum Master & Agile Coaches - the chance to take their skills to the next level by participating in Advanced Certified Scrum Masters course! This coaching and mentoring program will start on 2nd of the April, held by Miljan Bajić, Certified Scrum Trainer and one of 99 Certified Enterprise Coach in the whole world!

Less experienced participants can take the opportunity to become Certified Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Product Owner, dates chosen for those courses are 6th-7th of April for the CSM course and 8th-9th of April for CSPO course.

Future attendees will be prepared for the Scrum certification by outstanding Certified Scrum Trainer Petri Heiramo, well known among our Agile community. More than 5 years Petri works on Serbian Agile community development, certifying new professionals, as a prominent member of Scrum Alliance.

This Spring season you can expect a lot of great topics on our MeetUps, but we will keep them as a surprise. 😊 For sure, the best of Agile is waiting at the end of this cycle, on the 4th-5th of June 2020, when the Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2020 will bring the future of Agile in this region.

Fresh news about Agile Month Spring is coming soon, stay tuned! 😊


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These courses are available as public during the Agile Month - Spring 2020, but they can be organized on-site, tailored to your needs or industry customized. Contact us for more detail! 😊

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