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Agile Transformation

The best option for companies that want to implement an Agile Methodology

We are fully aware that Agile Principles are easy to learn, but difficult to master and adopt in their entirety. However, engagement of an Agile Coach will help for sure! Agile coaches are coaching organizational transformation towards Agile approaches through an observation where the teams are strong and where they might have adjustments to make. Agile Coaches can help guide a team to a much faster Agile adoption and overall performance, instead “figuring it out along the way”. They are experts in Agile – both theory and practice. In addition to in-depth understanding of the Agile practices and principles, they also worked in organizations that have successesfully adopted Agile.

Once a company decides to implement Agile, its journey begins with a belief that the effort will be rewarded with a more effective software development process, and a responsive and competitive company. It also recognizes that a significant change will be needed. Any Agile Transformation project requires support and involvement from senior management (top management).

Agile Transformation process should have a following characteristics:

  • Each Agile transformation needs to be top-down and bottom-up.
  • There is no ideal template to follow in terms of an Agile transformation. However, there are different practices which can be adopted within the transformation faze.
  • Each Agile Transformation needs to be iterative and incremental.
  • Constantly experimenting, trying different things and possibilities is crucial.
  • Reflection on successes and failures is extremely important. Once aware of them, we move forward, step by step.

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