• Daily SCRUM & AGILE trainings
    Agile Month - April 2016!

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  • 1st Agile Serbia Conference

    23th April 2016, Belgrade, Serbia

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Be REALLY Agile! Specific Agile Trainings & Certified Scrum Courses tailored to you!

Agile Month – April 2016 is the largest regional gathering of educational character, regarding agile software development methodologies adoption and implementation. As the concept of successive training sessions in one month, supported by renowned names of local and international agile coaches and companies, this is a unique event in Europe.

Topics of specific agile trainings in April 2016 are customized to local and regional market needs. Research about the topics of interest has been conducted during the previous six seasons of Scrum courses which have been participated by employees of more than 50 relevant companies.

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March and April 2016

Certified CSM and CSPO courses are mixed with the specific Agile Trainings. Some of them are basic and don't required previous familiarity with the Scrum Framework, while others are advanced and talk about Agile Methodologies implementation in the business environment where Scrum is already adopted.

Agile Month - April 2016 is presented through:

Certified Scrum Courses

Certified Scrum Trainings

Our 7th season of Certified Scrum Courses in Serbia for Scrum Master and Product Owner - two main roles in Scrum team without which your Agile Software Development is impossible. CSM and CSPO courses are followed by internationally recognized certificate of the Scrum Alliance.

Specific Agile Trainings

Specific Agile Trainings

Unique IT courses in this part of Europe that provide answers to the specific challenges you face when implementing Agile approach, especially Scrum methodology. More than 10 trainings in April 2016 – look at the specification and schedule in the calendar below.

Agile Conference 2016

Agile Serbia Conference 2016

Event which brings together three specific groups and their experience:

  1. Big names of international Agile and StartUp scene
  2. Major agile companies in Serbia
  3. Agile/Scrum enthusiasts and IT community in Serbia.

Schedule with specification of all trainings during the Agile Month - April 2016:

note: Click on the training name for more details!
The Organizer reserves the right of changing the schedule of trainings as well as the cancellation of some in a case of an insufficient number of participants.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4 - Apr
5 - Apr
6 - Apr
7 - Apr
8 - Apr
9 - Apr
11 - Apr
12 - Apr
13 - Apr
14 - Apr
15 - Apr
16 - Apr
18 - Apr
19 - Apr
20 - Apr
21 - Apr
22 - Apr
23 - Apr
25 - Apr
26 - Apr
27 - Apr
28 - Apr
29 - Apr
30 - Apr

How it was during the previous Agile Month - Nov 2015?

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Our trainers during the Agile Month:

Petri Heiramo

Certified Scrum Trainer
by the Scrum Alliance,
Experienced Agile Coach,
15+ years in Software Industry

Zoran Vujkov

Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master,
Certified SAFe Practitioner,
Certified PRINCE2 Practitioner,
19+ years in Software Industry

Dr. Wolfgang Richter

Certified Scrum Professional
Project Management Professional
Certified Coach & NLP Practitioner
18+ years in IT industry

Helmut Steineder

Certified Scrum Master
Certified Product Owner
Certified Coach, ITIL, eTOM, NLP
25+ years in Software Industry