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Agile Mentoring

The best option for companies that already use agile

A number of companies have based their processes on Agile Principles. Agile principles are easy to learn, but sometimes it is very challenging to adopt and master them in practice. It is not a rare occasion that companies decide to apply Scrum or another Agile framework, although it’s common that the results received at the end are not satisfactory. Hence, it appears that the implementation of Agile didn’t bring any value to the company, and improvement to the process. That could be an alarm that Agile isn’t being used properly.

The main indicators that show that you are not using Agile properly are:

  • Development teams are not delivering everything as defined in the sprint and have no complete outcome until the end of the sprint.
  • There is uncertainty in handling technical work or writing the Product Backlog items of the right size and estimating them.
  • There are questions how to manage risk in Scrum projects and understand how Project Managers fit into Scrum, about planning, teamwork and meetings.

What we advise you, is the engagement of an Agile Coach, who will be monitoring teams for several days, weeks or a number of hours per week, depending on the needs of your company. In order to achieve the desired results with Agile, our Agile Coach’s goal is to place you back on the right track.

Furthermore, if you form new teams within the organization that is already agile, Agile Mentoring would definitely be the right choice for you, to help out the teams to start thinking agile.

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