Petri Heiramo - By the Power of the Swarm!

One of the goals of Agile software development is to deliver working software fast and frequently. Swarming is a technique that helps Agile teams to do this. What is swarming, what are the benefits of swarming, and when and how to apply it?

Petri Heiramo has fifteen years of experience in software development. Over the last nine years he has been focused on Agile software development. He sees Agile as a holistic approach for business success. In Petri’s opinion any framework, if used properly, can work, and the real deal is to understand the organisation's needs and find the right approaches to it.

Petri states that the true power of the Agility is in teamwork. When a cross-functional group gels, it learns to tackle challenges together, as a swarm. Swarming works in a similar way as pair programming, by having team members work closely together on the same task. Instead of 'better brain', swarms employ 'more brains' approach, which is the foundation for complex problem solving. The idea is that you get all the developers to work (swarm) on a single story, instead of having each developer working on a separate story. The goal is to get more stories fully completed. It's better to have 80% of the features 100% done, instead of having 100% of the features 80% done.

Petri is a real master for coaching people, guiding them to the essence of their roles, no matter if they work for small companies and start-ups or multinational giants worldwide. If you join us, he will help you find out how to make swarming, what practices are used by good collaborative teams and how you can decide how big swarm to set up.

Petri will have his speech on the EPIC stage, but he will also wait for your questions in the Coaching Corner! :)