Edward Thomson - Git Dilemmas and their Solutions

You want to track changes in computer files and to coordinate work on those files among multiple people? We suggest the Git! This most popular Version Control System is a great choice for tracking the evolution of your code base and collaborating efficiently with your colleges. You may ask yourself what happens when the repository you want to track is a really big one. But, what is even a really big repository? The one with a lot of files or the one with an old history? Maybe you think that a big repository is the one with large files in it? And after all, why is this a problem anyway?

Let’s uncover this dilemma forever!

During this session on the EPIC stage of the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference you will be reminded of some of the dilemmas you face when using Git - like storing the repositories with a lot of files or storing binary files in a repository. Besides that, you will learn the fundamentals of Git to understand why these could be problems. And the last, but not the least, this will be a great opportunity to learn tools and techniques to solve these problems and use Git to handle your problematic repositories.

Your lecturer will be Edward Thomson, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, with a fifteen-year career in building version control tools at Microsoft, GitHub and SourceGear. He is the author of Git for Visual Studio training from O'Reilly Media and a contributing author to Professional Team Foundation Server 2013.

So, if you sometimes feel like in ‘between a rock and a hard place’ with Git and handling your big repositories – let the expert lead you to the solution!