Jurgen Appelo – Agility Scales: Scaling Organizational Transformation

You want to scale Agile, to transform your organization. So, how to proceed? There are so many methods and frameworks! You just know you need to change the organization, but it’s hard enough even to change your team. You need something to fit in your context. But, what is that?

Scaling Agile to work in large organizations is a hot topic! Some coaches and consultants offer frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Holocracy), other companies publish their own custom approach (Spotify, Menlo, Zappos), but it all comes down to copying without thinking. These are all easy-to-sell solutions, but they don't enable real transformation. Yet, what if we make it a game?

Sounds interesting, but how? Join us on the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference and find out!

In his speech on the EPIC scene, Jurgen Appelo will give you some hints on how to use behavioural economics and gamification to scale Agile in your organization. Those pieces of advice will help your teams evolve their habits with simple gameplays, leading them towards the acceptance of organizational changes. Jurgen believes that these methods enable creation of an ecosystem suitable to achieve Agility at scale.

Therefore, he is going to share his experience and best practices on how to improve your scaling process, and customize it to your organizational culture. Applications are open – register on time!