Moritz Heiber - Advanced Science Fiction

What is your first association when someone mentions "DevOps", "Agile" and "Continuous Delivery"? Is that something which is mysterious and uncertain to you? Don’t panic because a number of people see it as a challenge. Hence, during the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference on the Epic stage, you’ll have a chance to uncover the meaning of these words. So, let’s flow together into this, although it can sometimes really seems like Advanced Science Fiction.

Moritz Heiber will help you get a better understanding of what it means to "become Agile", and adopt DevOps best practices. Moreover, you’ll discover why Continuous Delivery is essential to empower organizations to move into the all-digital future. This is not just a theoretical speech, because it will include concrete industry examples of how implementations might look alike. People who are trying to get started with Continuous Delivery will get relevant advice from our speaker. It is worth listening to Moritz for many reasons. One of them is because he is consulting on infrastructural and operational challenges in distributed computing environments, while applying the ideas behind DevOps with Agile methodologies. As a DevOps Birth Assistant with ThoughtWorks, Moritz is a shepherd for clients and their hardware and software projects.

Because of the all aforementioned, we are suggesting not to miss this unique opportunity to find out the meaning of some puzzling words from the Software Development world!