2nd Agile Serbia Conference – “Agile & Developers”

Do you remember the 1st Agile Serbia Conference? Of course you do! More than 400 attendees from Agile & Start-Up world, 3 stages, 13 great speakers, more than 100 media releases, 42 supporting organizations & media… Who would forget such an event!

This year we are going further, bigger, better… The 2nd Agile Serbia Conference will be organized on the 26th of May 2017. Remember the date, because we are going to rock it again! The main topics are “Agile & Developers”, meaning that the half of the topics will be devoted to the Agile approach in software development, and the other half will be engineering/technical topics. Therefore, we invited some of the biggest names from the Agile Software Development world to join us on the main stage of the 2nd Agile Serbia Conference, and share their experience with you.

We will give you just a small sneak peek – our keynote speaker is one of the most famous software scientists in the world, and a signatory of the Agile Manifesto. While the other one is the #6 Agile speaker in the world. That is quite enough for now.

Speeches are intended for the EPIC (main) stage of the Conference. Workshops & Discussions will take place at the DEV stage. You will have an opportunity to ask whatever is on your mind, in order to broaden your current knowledge in Agile and Development and, of course, to learn something new.

Join us at the conference where together we can learn how to overcome the obstacles in software development, and how the leading Agile gurus coped with their challenges. You will recognise some or all of these challenges as your own, because every company faces some of them. So, why don’t you overcome traditional ways of facing them, and try something more Agile? Embrace the transition towards a better software! And stay tuned for more information...