Agile Coaches & Scrum Trainers in Serbia

Agile Coaches & Scrum Trainers in Serbia

Based on a long-year cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, Puzzle Software is able to provide the Scrum Trainer or Agile Coach on your request. Also, as the Company seriously dedicated to Scrum and other agile methodologies implementation, we are in touch with many Agile experts.

Some of the experts with whom we cooperate longest are:

Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt

Olaf Lewitz and Christine NeidhardtOlaf and Christine are the founders of TrustTemenos Leadership Academy. They work with leaders, increasing their clarity of identity and intention, and help growing organisations where safe spaces are available for people to show up and grow. In 2016, they published a workbook for leaders: Showing Up, available on LeanPub.

As Trust Artist and Certified Enterprise Coach with the Scrum Alliance, Olaf is a veteran and leader in the international Agile Community. In almost 20 years, he has visited and helped hundreds of organisations to transform. In that work, exploring culture and making sense of leadership have become his speciality. His strategy: increasing trust and responsibility through invitation and clarity. Olaf invites us to trust ourselves and others. He believes: You deserve to love what you do.

Christine is a passionate, systemic and integral Coach for companies and individuals. Over the past 15 years her passion has crystallized in the field of creating new work cultures, supported by agile processes, design thinking and open collaboration models. She helps leaders bring their power to life and into practice. She models her ideals by being herself and bringing new ideas to life. Her focus is on breaking patterns, hacking the culture and helping to use energies of conflicts to transform the culture.

Since 2013, Christine and Olaf have been growing TrustTemenos Leadership Academy: a container for growing leaders and organisational containers. They invite leaders to consciously Show Up: to become aware of how our clarity of who we are and what we want determines the results that emerge from our context - in leading our life, leading our team, as well as leading whole organisations.


Dr Alistair Cockburn with Puzzle SoftwareDr Alistair Cockburn (pronounced Cō-burn) is one of the “All-Time Top 150 i-Technology Heroes” for his work in the field of the Agile Software Development.

He co-authored the Agile Manifesto and the “Declaration of Interdependence,” created the first Agile Software Development Conference, co-founded the Agile Project Leadership Network, served on the board of the Agile Alliance, designed the Crystal family of Agile Methodologies, and co-founded the International Consortium for Agile.

Three of his books have been listed in “The Top 100 Best Software Books of All Time”. He consistently receives high ratings for his presentations and courses.


Petri Heiramo with Puzzle SoftwarePetri Heiramo is an experienced Agile trainer and coach. Certified by Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Trainer in 2008, he has trained a few thousand people as CSMs and CSPOs, in organisations ranging from small companies and startups, to multinational giants worldwide.

Petri sees Agile as a holistic approach for business success. It's not just the teams; it's the culture and behavior of the whole organisation. All levels and aspects of the organisation should embrace the mindset, and then find the effective ways in which they can all work together to a shared goal. This is obviously easier said than done, particularly in large existing companies. Therefore it is important to remain practical in the adoption of Agile.

He likes Scrum a lot, but not constrained to it. In fact, any framework, if used properly, can work, and the real deal is to understand the organisation's needs and find the right approaches to it.

Petri generally gets great reviews from the people participating in his trainings. He has an interactive style, and a lot of exercises, and is able handle most questions people toss at him.


Zoran Vujkov with Puzzle SoftwareZoran Vujkov is an experienced, dynamic, adaptable, accomplished Agile Coach and Trainer since 2008. Certified by Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Professional, a Certified Scrum Master and by Scaled Agile Academy as a Certified Scaled Agile Framework Practitioner. He has proven record of moving organizations from traditional waterfall methods of software development to Agile frameworks (SCRUM, Kanban, XP, Scaled Agile Framework-SAFe). He has trained and coached hundreds of teams as Scrum/XP teams, in companies ranging from medium companies (SonyEricsson, Promethean) to multinational big worldwide companies (Barclays Bank, Schneider Electric DMS). These teams successfully delivered flagship products: Walkman®/Cybershot® phone app, ActivInspire®, Barclays Mobile Banking App, ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System).

Zoran’s very good understanding of Software development is based on 19 years experience in the Software industry working for different companies as Software Engineer, Team Leader, Technical Leader, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach.

Zoran strongly believes in Agile Enterprise for company to succeed. It is not enough to embed agile only into development, it is important for Agile to be part of company culture and that all parts of company embrace Agile mindset and share the same vision. Reducing dependencies in the way how product backlog is structured, reducing dependencies between team members in terms of domain and technical knowledge, and reducing dependencies within software by removing technical debt is critical to successful scaling Agile.

Zoran likes different Agile frameworks (SCRUM, XP, KanBan), but it is always open-minded towards new Agile ideas. Most Agile frameworks, in particular Scrum, are lightweight, easy to understand, but mastery comes with successful implementation. Scrum framework similar like other frameworks, if used properly, can work, and the real deal is to understand the organisation's needs and find the right approaches to it.

Zoran gets great reviews and feedback from the people participating in his trainings. He has very interactive and inspiring style, lot of real life examples from implementing Agile in big companies and it is able to handle challenges and questions asked.


Helmut Steineder with Puzzle SoftwareLlewellyn Falco is an independent Agile coach and legacy code expert. He is one of the PluralSight authors, voluntarily creating courseware and teaching kids to program ( He spends most of his time programming in Java and C#, improving legacy code.

Llewellyn is the discoverer of Strong Style Pairing, the creator of the open source testing tool ApprovalTests (, and a co-author of Mob Programming Guidebook. He is also an international speaker, coming from the United States of America. He was one of the speakers at 1st Agile Serbia Conference, held in Belgrade, on 23rd April 2016.


Wolfgang Richter with Puzzle SoftwareDr. Wolfgang Richter has been working in IT for about 20 years in different roles. He started his career in 3rd level support. His agile journey started in 1998. He participated in many projects as requirements engineer, software engineer, project manager, program manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner. In line-management he held positions in middle and upper management. His professional career led him from Europe to the USA, to Australia, and then back to Europe.

Currently he is the CEO of JIPP.IT in Austria, and besides his management position active as Agile Coach and Trainer. As speaker he is invited to many conferences and universities worldwide. He is moderator of the Scrum User Group Graz, member of the IT Community Styria, and of several other committees. He knows the world of traditional and agile methods inside-out, holds multiple certificates to these areas, and has written a PhD thesis about this topic. He is engaged in further development of agile methods. His academic education comprises project management, informatics, economics, and psychology.

Helmut Steineder, BSc

Helmut Steineder with Puzzle SoftwareHelmut Steineder, BSc. has held various roles in software development for over 25 years. His work as Developer, System Architect, Requirements Engineer, Tester and Test-Manager, Product Owner and Scrum Master led him to a number of European countries and Australia. He is currently the Technical Director and CTO of JIPP.IT GmbH in Austria. As Technical Director, he is responsible for issues concerning strategies, technology choices, staff management and product development.

As a certified Project Manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner he holds additional certificates in ITIL, eTOM, coaching, NLP, and management. With his expertise as a coach, trainer, and speaker at conferences he has acquired extensive experience in working with people and transferring knowledge. His technical interests are in the field Java, system architecture, agile and automated testing as well as in agile software development with Scrum.