Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching using Scrum in Serbia

There is software development department in your organization, or even more you are Software Development Company.

Certified Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners are employed because your organization applied Scrum in order to achieve agile software development and increase business value.

Your software development teams are familiar with the Scrum and other agile methodologies. Everything sounds good.

But… The truth is that Scrum is easy to learn, but difficult to master and adopt in its entirety.

Are you still faced with Scrum Anti-patterns like:

  • Product Owner & Team reach sprint planning without any preparation
  • There is no agreement between the PO and the Team about scope for sprint
  • Planning is based on tasks & not what to build (US & acceptance criteria)
  • Activities are monitored instead of features
  • Team does not commit to a clear set of sprint goals
  • Team continuously overcommit
  • Developers do not work collaboratively on user stories
  • Team integrates and tests stories only at sprint end
  • Product owner not actively involved in DBT-cycles
  • Scrum Master assigns tasks and that way destroys the self-organized team.
  • Team extends sprint when something isn’t finished, delaying demo or not having review meeting
  • Story reported but not demonstrated (non-UI, spikes, etc.)
  • Idea gathering instead of focus on near term, incremental improvements
  • No retrospectives or badly done
  • And so on…?

You are on a good way to become really agile!

But what do you need for and what should you do to achieve Agile Delivery? Who might be your lodestar? Do you need agile coaching for some time in your company?

Agile Coaching may improve your software development. HOW?

Who are Agile Coaches?

They’re coaching organizational transformation towards agile approaches through an observation where the teams are strong and where they might have adjustments to make. Agile Coaches can help guide a team to a much faster agile adoption and overall performance instead of “going it alone” and “figuring it out along the way”. They are experts in Scrum — in both theory and practice. In addition to in-depth understanding of the agile practices and principles, they also have real-world experience in actual Scrum adopted organizations.

What does your organization achieve by engagement of Agile Coach?

  • Having Working Software At The End Of Sprint
  • Ensuring Robust Software Development
  • Management Fear Of Change With Scrum
  • Correct Scrum implementation with several or multiple teams
  • Early and frequent delivery of business value
  • Quality built in from the start
  • Improved ability to manage changing priorities
  • Meaningful feedback at the earliest opportunity
  • Improved transparency
  • An overcoming the challenges facing the Company becoming REALLY AGILE.

Maybe this is the right time for Agile Coaching in your organization! Think about it!

Puzzle Software, as the Scrum education provider in Serbia in cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, can help you to find an excellent agile coach. Contact us via email