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Agile Serbia for over 8 years provide Agile Certification in Serbia and SEE Region with a high certification background and an outstanding reference list. Internationally recognized certificates are issued by the Scrum Alliance, the largest and most established organization in the Agile community around the world.

Courses and certification will help you think in an Agile way, leading to better team cohesion and more successful projects. Learning the Scrum framework can help you achieve the Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Leadership certification. This can help you expand your career opportunities across any industries which adopt Agile practices, becoming more marketable and desired for fast growing industry requirements.

Be a key part of the success on your organisation's Agile projects, by attending our pragmatic Agile and Scrum courses, delivered by expert Agile practitioners.

All of our certified courses are highly interactive educational experiences.

Furthermore, you can participate on some of them in the next Agile Month, a series of public courses (see the schedule). All of the courses can be organized on-site, tailored to your needs, on request.

Agile Serbia presents

Certified Agile Courses

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Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Master Course with Petri Heiramo

Scrum Master's role is often pivotal in the successful use of Scrum. A Certified Scrum Master understands Scrum values, practices and helps project teams to work together and to properly use Scrum. Get a solid base of Scrum knowledge, change your mindset thinking more marketable and make influence in your organization handling challenges in fast paced environment.

Product Owner Course

Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Petri Heiramo

To implement Scrum into your business, you need a Product Owner – a person who is able to establish, nurture and communicate the product vision. Product Owner is a person who is closest to the business side of the project. This role is a voice of customers and users and it creates the desired business benefits, delivering products and ensuring successful life-cycle.


Advanced Certified Scrum Master Course with Miljan Bajić

Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM) is an online, guided mentoring and coaching program created by Certified Enterprise Coaches® (CEC) for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches looking to further develop their knowledge and skills. Facilitate better dialogue between your team members and roles, customers, stakeholders, improving motivation and lack of engagement.

Agile Leadership

Certified Agile Leadership Course I with Olaf Lewitz

Certified Agile Leadership program aims to develop Agile leadership competencies and maturity of its participants who should become effective leaders in these fast changing environments. Enable your skills to bring more creative solutions through increased self-awareness and mindset growth. Engage others and run through the operations and rapid changes effectively.

Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Master Course with Nicole Belilos

The Certified Scrum Master course will give you a full experience of the Agile principles and Scrum.  After this course you will have a good understanding of Scrum, and you will know how to apply Scrum successfully.  You will also learn many practical tips and tricks that you can apply the next day in your team or organization. Learn how to run the role of Scrum Master to drive a Scrum projects and validate gained fundamental knowledge of the Scrum framework and its application.

Product Owner Course

Certified Scrum Product Owner Course with Nicole Belilos

A good understanding of the Product Owner role is essential for a successful implementation of Scrum in your company. Therefore, this course will give you all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to become a great Product Owner. Product Owner is a person who is closest to the business side of the project. Explore Product Owners' role within Agile environment and take advantage of the Product KPIs to optimize the product development.

Certified Scrum Master Course - Extended

Certified Scrum Master Course – Extended with Petri Heiramo

Certified Scrum Master Course usually lasts for two days and according to participants’ feedback, it is jam-packed with a lot of information and new ideas. Yet, there are still so many topics and our participants consistently wish one more day for this course. Get ideas how to work on complex projects and implement benefit from established principles and practices to deliver products successfully.


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