About Scrum

Scrum Education and Certification in Serbia

We are proud of our close, successful, long-term cooperation with the Scrum Alliance. Together we have certified a lot of Srcum Masters and Product Owners in the Balkans region. Puzzle Software also provides Scrum Extended Education as a Registered Scrum Education Provider for Serbia.

Being the regional centre for Scrum Education, we ensure the entire educational material for better understanding of this agile methodology and its implementation.

What is Scrum?

Learn what Scrum actually is. Meet the core elements of this agile framework for software development:

As well as the definition of “DONE”. More Info

How Scrum works?

You should clearly know how scrum works in practice before you decide to adopt this agile methodology of product development in your business. We provide a brief scrum overview that can be used as a reminder or a guide for everyday Scrum practice in your organization, especially when you have a new team member. More Info

Why to adopt Scrum?

You should be aware of competitive advantages that your company gains by adopting Scrum. We present to you the main benefits of using Scrum and reasons why to adopt Scrum, as well as the Agile Manifesto values and principles which are general fundamentals of Scrum methodology. In addition to Scrum’s advantages, you should also be aware of drawbacks of the traditional software develompment called The Waterfall.

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