About Us

Scrum and Agile provider for Serbia

www.agile-serbia.rs is founded by Puzzle Software – company with several years of experience in Scrum and Agile Education and software development in Serbia and the region.

Puzzle Software in an agile software development company based in Belgrade, Serbia. Core business is in the area of custom software development for Clients, both locally and internationally. Mostly senior developers in various of technologies (PHP, JAVA, .NET, …), software experts from Puzzle Software can offer you particular business know-how and programming experience in industries such are Banking, Telecommunication, Insurance, Publishing, Software and Heavy Industry sectors.

In addition to agile software development, Puzzle Software is the Scrum Education provider for Serbia and the region. During the years, numerous certified Scrum Courses have been organized in cooperation with the Scrum Alliance, as well as various scrum workshops and agile gatherings.

Cooperation with Scrum Alliance

We are proud of our close long-term successful cooperation with Scrum Alliance. Together we have certified over 250 ScrumMasters and Product Owners in the Balkans Area.

All Certified Scrum Courses in Serbia organized by Puzzle Software were led by a certified Scrum Trainer.

At the moment, Puzzle Software is in the process of registration for Scrum Alliance REP® organization.

Scrum Certification in Serbia

In order to allow all interested companies in the Region to become agile, Puzzle Software organizes Certified Scrum Courses for Scrum Master and Product Owner. We have made lasting impressions and gained vast experience so far.

Previous courses was organized in Belgrade, Serbia where Puzzle Software was the host. But there is possibility of organizing the Courses in the cities and countries in the region, on request. More Info

Scrum Extended Education in Serbia

Better understanding of SCRUM agile framework is provided within Scrum Extended Education. We ensure further interpretation of a variety of topics related to Scrum and other Agile methods. Some deal in soft skills needed for Scrum implementation, while others are more concerned with technical and programming background.

Those trainings are available in Belgrade, Serbia, but also on request in the cities and countries in the region. More Info

Scrum & Agile Coaching in Serbia

Coaching services using Scrum & Agile methodologies in practice are provided to companies looking to consolidate their Agile Development, Process Improvement, better Project and Staff Management. Agile Coaches are very experienced both in theory and real business practice, so they help company for a while to produce best agile delivery and continue in the same direction. More Info

Scrum Community in Serbia

Become a member of "Agile Population" in Serbia and the region. Participate in Agile Gatherings and Scrum workshops in Belgrade, Serbia. Exchange your experience with others interested in agile product development – online, as well as offline. More Info